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[ENG] Search and booking reservations

Screen Name

Search and booking reservations


Allow users search and book hotel rooms on the CiTravel system


Fields Description

I. Filter and search for Hotel, City or Destination information

(1) Enter the information you want to search for in the search box to find the destination and hotel that the user plans to book.

  • The system will also display suggested information that the user has recently searched for

  • Additionally, the system will suggest popular destinations and the number of accommodations available at those popular destinations

(2) Select the duration of stay based on the room type, either hourly, daily, or monthly

(3) Select the number of rooms and the number of guests for a hotel booking, click on :cộng: or :trừ: to increase or decrease the quantity of rooms/guests

Click on the "Search" button to find the results:

II. Steps to book a hotel room

Step 1. Select a hotel:

  • After searching for room information in Part I, the user reviews the relevant information about the desired hotel and selects the type of room for accommodation

  • Confirm the availability of the room you want to book

  • Review the total amount and then select ”Reserve

Step 2. Find a Room: This step includes detailed reservation

(1) Booker information: Users need to enter all the required information fields such as Full Name, Email, Phone Number..

(2) Room Detail:

  • In case where the booker is the one making the reservation, the user simply needs to check the box "I’m guest" and the system will automatically fill in the booker's information (1)

  • In case where the booker is not the one making the reservation, the user needs to enter all the required information fields such as Full Name, Email, Phone Number.

  • Select "Room 2" to enter guest information for the room.

(3) Add Guest: Select "Add Guest" when there are 2 or more people staying in the room.

(4) Promotion: Enter the Promotion code if guest has a promotion code:

(5) Users need to review the Cancel policy before making payment

(6) Special request: In case the guest has any special requests, enter the information in the personal request section.

Step 3. Review:

(1) Users need to review the reservation details before making payment.

(2) Select a payment method: Payment at the property or payment online

Select “Complete your booking” to make payment

Step 4. Payment:

  • If in Step 3 the user selects Payment at the property, the system will send an authentication code via text message to the phone number entered by the user in Step 2. After that, the user enters the correct authentication code to complete the reservation process

  • If in Step 3 the user selects Payment online the system will display the available payment methods such as

    • Credit/ Debit Card

    • ATM Card/ Bank account

    • QR pay with mobile apps

  • Users paying via QR code will be displayed as below

  • After completing the payment, the system will proceed to Step 5

Step 5. Complete: After completing the booking, the system will send a confirmation email that includes the following information

III. Find reservation

On the homepage screen, select 'Find Reservation' to search for the bookings that the user has made

Enter the Itinerary number and Phone number to find reservation


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