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[ENG] Setting - Room Type

Screen Name

Setting - Room Type

Login - Setting - Settings Property - Room Type


The screen allows configuring the room type.


Fields Description

  1. Create Room Type:

(1) Enter the necessary information to create a new room type:

  • Name: Enter the name of the new room type

  • Code: Enter the room code.

  • Order: The order in which the room type will be displayed on the booking channels.

  • Square: unit m2.

  • Default occupancy: Default number of guests for this room type.

  • Max occupancy: Maximum number of guests that can stay in this room type.

  • Max adults: Maximum number of adults that can stay in this room type.

  • Max children: Maximum number of children that can stay in this room type.

  • Bed number: Number of beds set up in this room type

  • Number of rooms: Total number of rooms belonging to this room type.

(2) Turn on/off the status bar to enable/disable selling this room category.

(3) The description section can be entered in Vietnamese and English.

(4) Select the icon :tạo_mới: to upload an image of the room type

(5) Select "Save" to complete creating the new room type.

2. Recalculate:

In case users make changes to the number of rooms for each room type, this feature will help users quickly recalculate the number of rooms in order.

3. Other Functions:

  • (1) Delete: Select the icon to delete the room category and the rooms in that room type.

  • (2) Bulk create room:

    • Users only need to enter the number of rooms they want to create. When selecting "Create", the system will automatically generate the corresponding room numbers according to the number of rooms just entered.

  • (3) Sync Room: Select the icon to synchronize the rooms when there are changes related to the room category.

  • (4) Create room: Select the icon to create new rooms.
    - Enter the room number information.
    - Turn on/off the status bar to enable/disable selling this room on booking channels.
    - Select the room type.
    - Enter the number of floors of the room.`

  • (5) Edit room type



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