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[Eng] Channel Mapping

Screen Name

Channel Mapping

Log in – Channel Manager – System - Channel Mapping


The screen allows you to configure the mapping between SiteMinder and CiHMS system.


Fields Description

Displayed Info

  • Select Property: Select the property that you have access to

  • Search criteria:

    • Code: SiteMinder Code of the property

    • Distribution Channel: Distribution channel

  • Created Time: Mapping time

  • Status: Active/Inactive

  • Action:

    • Edit: Edit the mapping

    • Delete: Delete the mapping

Create a new channel mapping

Select Create to create a mapping

Enter the following information:

  • Code: SiteMinder Code of the property

  • Distribution channel: Distribution channel

  • Source

  • Advanced: Advanced configuration

    • Username: Enter the username if you want to restrict only one user can utilize this rate code

    • Password: Enter the password

    • Currency: Select the currency

    • Time Zone: Select the time zone

  • Active: select to activate the mapping

  • Select Save to save the mapping or Cancel to skip

Edit the channel mapping

Select the edit icon to open the edit screen

[Tab Information] - Mapping information

  • Enter the information that you want to update

  • Select Submit to save or Cancel to skip the changes

[Tab Room Type] - List of room types that are mapped

[Tab Rate Plan] - List of rate codes that are mapped



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