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[Eng] Create Food & Beverage Task

Screen Name

Create Food & Beverage Task

Log in – Task Management – Task Management – Create Task – Food & Beverage


The screen allows you to create a new task for the Food & Beverage department following the pre-configured template. Once the task is created, the system will send the push notification to the creator, supervisor, and assignee. The notification is sent to the web as well as mobile application if this user uses the Staff App application on their mobile phone.


Fields Description

The task contains the following information:

  • Followers: Supervisor or Manager who is responsible for following and ensuring the task is performed within the due date and with a standard quality of the hotel

  • Quick Task Name: Select from the predefined tasks list of values. The template represents the task that the department usually uses. You can always modify the details of the task.

  • Status: Status of the task (new, in-progress, on-hold, done, completed, cancel). Note that for the statues Completed and Cancel, only the users who have the permission can change it.

  • Assignee: Select the assignee for the task. This field can be empty, and the supervisor/manager is responsible for assigning the task.

  • Priority: Select the priority of the task (high, medium, low)

  • Due date: Select the due date of the task

  • Remind: The system will send a notification to the related people when the task is going to expire

  • Confirmation Number: You can select 1 or many confirmation numbers (this is linked to the Front Office application)

  • Itinerary Number: The itinerary number will be pre-populated according to the selected confirmation number

  • Area: Select the Room Number or the Area where the task will be performed

  • Guest name: The guest’s name will be pre-populated according to the selected confirmation number

  • Task name: Name of the task

  • Special request: The special requests of the guests (get from the reservations)

  • Comment/Note: Display the comment/note of the reservation

  • SLA (Minute): Standard time that the task is intended to be done (the SLA is predefined for each department)

  • Start time: The Start time is counted when the task is changed from NEW to IN-PROGRESS

  • Attachment: You can upload/attach photos related to your job to illustrate the status of the ongoing task

  • History: History logs of the task



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