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[Eng] Create Group Reservation

Screen Name

Group Reservation

Log in – Front Office – Group Reservation


The feature allows you to create and manage the group reservations on the system.


Fields Description

[Filter] - Search criteria

  • Reset Filter: Reset all the filters

  • Start - End Day: Select the date range within that you want to search for

  • Status: Status of the group

    • Inquiry: The contract is sent and is waiting for confirmation. The inventory is not deducted at this stage.

    • Tentative: The customer accepted the terms in the contract but didn’t deposit. The inventory is deducted.

    • Definite: The block is deposit. The inventory is deducted.

    • Actual: The group arrived and checked in.

    • Waitlist: The group is on a waiting list. The inventory is not deducted.

    • Refused: The group is refused. The inventory is released.

    • Cancelled: The group is cancelled. The inventory is released.

  • Owner: Sales owner of the contract

  • Stay Date: Stay date of the group at this property

  • Group Code: Code of the group

  • Company: Name of the Company

  • Travel Agent: Name of the Travel Agent

  • Source: Source of the booking

  • Contact: Contact person on the reservation

  • Rate Code: Rate Code associated with the reservation

  • Create on: Created date of the group

[Results] - Search results

  • Group Code: Code of the group reservation

  • Group Name: Name of the group reservation

  • From Date: Arrival Date of the group

  • To Date: Departure Date of the group

  • Company: Name of the Company

  • Status: Status of the group

  • Actions:

    • Edit: Edit the information about the group reservation. See Tab “Details” for details.

Add a new group

Select “Add New Group” to add a new reservation for group

  • Company: Enter the name of the Company

  • Travel Agent: Enter the name of the Travel Agent

  • Group Code: Enter the code of the group

  • Group Name: Enter the name of the group

  • Start - End Date: Arrival and Departure date of the group

  • Night: Total number of room nights

  • Cutoff Date: Cutoff date of the block

  • Cutoff Day: Cutoff days of the block. During this number of days, if the block is not confirmed, the system will automatically release the inventory.

  • Status: Status of the group will be initialized by the system. When creating a new group, you can choose between 2 statuses: Inquiry & Waitlist

  • Market: Select from the Market codes list of values

  • Source: Select from the Source codes list of values

  • Origin: Select from the Origin codes list of values

  • Owner: Select from the list of Salespersons

  • Pax/Room: Select number of guests in a room

  • Print Rate: Select this option if you want to display the rate on the Registration Card

  • Elastic: Select this option if there is a reservation having a different arrival and departure date than the group

Select “Save“ to confirm the reservation or “Cancel“ to skip.

After successfully created, the group reservation will have 3 sections:

Tab Detail (1)

  • Room Revenue: Forecast and actual room revenue of the group

  • Config Rate: Select this button to set up the rate code for the group

Tab Room Grid - Details of number of reserved, picked-up and non picked-up by date (2)

The screen displays the number of rooms by room type and by stay date:

  • Original: Original number of rooms reserved for this group

  • Current: Current available rooms for this group (you can add or remove room as necessary)

  • Pick up: Number of picked-up rooms (corresponds to the number of reservations created for this group)

  • Button Update details: Select this button to update the number of rooms for each day and room type

Tab Reservations - List of created reservations in the group

This tab is only enabled when the status of group is “Definite

  • Itinerary Number

  • Arrival: Arrival Date reserved for the group

  • Departure: Departure Date reserved for the group

  • Status: Status of the group

  • Group Name: Name of the group

Actions: Edit reservation. See Edit Reservation in Group for details.


After creating, the Group Code is displayed on all tabs of the Group Reservation screen, Itinerary Detail and Confirmation Detail.

1- From Group Reservation screen

2- From Itinerary Detail screen

3- From Confirmation Detail screen

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