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[Eng] Create Transportation Tasks for Group

Screen Name

Create Transportation Tasks for group

Log in – Front Office – Group Reservation - Group Name - Reservation - Create Transportation


Create Transportation Tasks for group


Fields Description

  • To create shuttle tasks for customers in the same group, users can create them directly at the reservation management of that group booking.

Follow these steps:

  1. Select the bookings that need to create a task

  2. Click Create Transportation

  3. Fill in the required information on the form for the Transportation department (refer to the Information Field at [Eng] Create Transportation Task )


Creating a shuttle bus task for group booking only be done provided that the group has created a booking on the system.

For bookings that need to create a shuttle task for guests with different times in the same room, users can re-select those rooms & update guest names separately for each different time respectively.

When creating a shuttle task for guests in the group booking, the information about Group Name, Itinerary Number, Confirmation Number will be automatically filled in corresponding to the bookings the user has selected in the group's booking list & cannot be edited. Users who want to change that information need to choose again from the list of reservations in the group booking.

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