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[Eng] Functional group for manager/supervisor

As an employee, there will be instructions for the operation below. Including post minibar, record cleaning time, change room status to clean

Check-in (check housekeeping quality) - Room release

List of cleaned rooms

Change Status Complete - Inspected

Completed = INSPECTED

Clean up = DIRTY

Select the worksheet and see the tasks completed by all employees

Quality room, changed to inspected state

Room required cleaning. Requires entering notes

Users can choose to use Room Control to conduct bulk checks or to use pre-checks to conduct inspections. It is recommended to use the check-in function for better working speed and support offline checking

Room Management on mobile

Room list

Change status

Filter & Check room status

This screen helps the Manager to control the rooms. HK staff have finished checking the room, then drag it to Done, and check the empty rooms to make sure that the room is really clean and fully furnished.

(1) Tick select the room to perform the inspection >> (2) Inspected >> (3) Select the status after checking the room >> (4) Save

In case of choosing dirty, you will be asked to enter a reason for the staff to know

The checklist will be shared by all SUPs.

If you go to check, you can filter according to your assignment

Room Discrepancy

Filter shows error prevention

Update information

Choose a reason and review the results

In case the Manager goes to check and finds that the FO room is recorded as VAC (Empty room), but in fact the guest is still staying, the status change will be made as follows:

(1) Click on the room to change the status >> (2) Update the actual inspection status and Note the cause (Note is required) >> (3) Update

  • Room No

  • Room type

  • Discrepancies status

  • FO status

Status after Discrepancies status is updated.

The incongruity report at RM will also show all the information provided by the app

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