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[Eng] Guarantee Policy

Screen Name

Guarantee Policy

Log in – Rate Service Management – Policy


The screen allows you to configure the guaranteed policy for the property.


Filter the policy by type:

The policy is associated with the rate plan on the property level. In case that reservation is applied a policy but there is no policy associated with the rate plan, the system will apply the policy on the organization/chain level.

To access the policy of the organization, you can go to

(Log in – Rate Service ManagementSettingPolicy)

Fields Description

Displayed Info

  • Select Property: Select the property from the list of properties that you have access to

  • Code & Name: Code and Name of the Policy

  • Action:

    • Update: Edit the details of the policy

    • Delete: Delete the policy

Create Policy

Select Create to add a new policy

Enter the following information

  • Type: Select the type for Policy (this field cannot be modified after creation)

  • Code: Enter the code for the Policy (this field cannot be modified after creation)

  • Description: Enter the description for the Policy

Select Create to add the policy of Cancel to skip.

Delete Policy

Select the Trash icon to delete a Policy.

Select Confirm to remove the policy or Cancel to skip.

Edit Policy

Select the Edit icon to update the details of the policy.

You are only allowed to update the description of the policy.

Select Update to save the changes or Cancel to skip.

You can also select Other Languages to add multiple language for the policy.

[Tab Details Config] - Create details for the Guarantee Policy

Select Details Config Tab to display the details of the policy.

Select Create to add a new detail.

Guarantee type:

  • No guarantee required: No guarantee required when making the reservation

  • Deposit: Require the deposit to warrant the reservation

In case of deposit, enter the following information:

  • Deposit By:

    • Fix Amount - Deposit a fixed amount

    • Night - Deposit by room night

    • Percent - Deposit by % on the room charge

Deadline metric timing

  • Value: The value varies from the Deposit by

  • Threshold:

    • Day prior to Arrival - before the arrival date

    • Day after book - after the booking date

    • Upon arrival - until the arrival date

    • Upon book - at the booking date

Time Range - Date range when the policy is applied. You can select by season or by range of dates.

When selecting a date range, please make sure those do not overlap with each other to avoid conflict when applying a guarantee.

Example: If you want to create a guaranteed policy for 50% of room charge within 7 days of guest’s arrival, you can configure the following details:

After creating a new detail, this will be displayed on the Details tab.

[Tab Rate Plans] - List of rate codes applied for the policy

Select Assign Rate Plan

  1. Select the rate plan to assign to the policy

  2. Select “Submit” to save the changes



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