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[Eng] Item Availability Overview

Screen Name

Item Availability Overview

Log in – Front Office – Inventory – Overview


The overview screen provides the detailed availability of the inventory items in the warehouse.

Search criteria

The screen allows you to view the availability by store or by department.

Step 1: Select the search criteria

  • Department: Name of the department (required), select from the Departments that have permission to view the inventory

  • Warehouse: Name of the warehouse (required)

  • Range date: Defaults if from today to next 14 days

Step 2: Select the filter criteria

  • No quantity: Displays the items that have quantity left or not

    • Enable: only displays the items that have quantity > 0

    • Disable: displays all the items

  • You can also search for a specific item by entering the name or SKU of this item in the search bar

Fields Description

  • Department: Department where you want to look up the inventory

  • Warehouse: Warehouse where you want to look up the inventory

  • Date Range: Date Range that you want to look up the inventory

  • Action:

    • Reload: Refresh the latest availability of items in the warehouse

  • The availability is displayed by the item/SKU. For example:

    • Baby Crib

    • DVD Player

    • Iron

    • Phone Charger

    • Extra bed

  • Total quantity: Total of items in the warehouse

  • The Date and Time when you are checking the inventory

  • Status of the inventory:

Total: Total of the items in the store

Available = Total - In Used

Booked: Number of items that are booked

Bookable (ready to book) = Total - Booked - Inused + Receivable (or Bookable = available + receivable - booked)

Inused: Number of items that are in used

Receivable: Number of returned items (always <= In used)

  • Color code:

    • White: number of booked items

    • Green: number of bookable or available items

    • Gray: number of in-used or receivable items

[Deduct inventory]

  • Create a Runner task to book an inventory item

    Step 1 the task “set up” is created when booking an inventory item

    Step 2 the task “release” is created when the item is picked up

  • Red arrow: “0” means there is no Baby Crib booked

  • Green arrow: “ 1” means there is 1 Baby Crib in used

  • Yellow arrow: “ 6” there is 6 Baby Crib in the store now

Some use cases when the inventory is released

  • When we cancel the check-in of the reservation

  • Release manually the inventory: go to the Confirmation Detail, section Inventory, and select the icon Complete to release the item


The relation between the Reservation Status and Transaction status

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