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[Eng] Printers

Screen Name


Log in – Configurations - Printers


The screen allows to manage list of kitchen/bar printers by LAN connection


Fields Description

List of kitchen/bar printers:

  • Code: Printer code

  • Name: Printer name/printer group

    • it will be named after the type of printer such as Asian Kitchen, European Kitchen, Cake Kitchen, Bar,...

    • The printer name will be displayed in the lower right corner of the printed captain.

  • Main Printer IP:

    • IP information will be displayed by outlet.

    • Items connected to the declared printer will be printed at the device with the corresponding IP for the Outlet that is recording the item.

  • Sub Printer IP:

    • In the event that the captain is unable to print to the main printer, it will be forwarded to the corresponding secondary printer (sub-printer) if declared.

  • Status: Active/ Inactive

  • Action

    • Edit: Click to perform a printer's edit

    • Delete: Click to remove a printer

    • Can filter by Outlet to see printers of the same IP being used for Outlet

    • Searchable by code or printer name

The relationship between menu items and printers

  • Many outlets use the same menu (a menu structure consists of many group menus, each group menu consists of many menu items).

  • Each menu item is linked to 1 or more Printer Groups.

  • Each Printer Group at each outlet will be map with the IP of the corresponding physical printer.

  • In case the main printer fails, it will switch to printing at the backup printer.

Do following steps to add new printer captain:

Step 1: FBM/Chef determines which groups of printers the dishes will be moved to, example:

  • Restaurant 1 and Room Service share an a la carte menu,

  • The bars share the same Drink List menu and are declared as follows:

Step 2: IT identifies existing physical printers at the property, along with the corresponding IPs.

Step 3: FBM/ Chef and IT base make information declaration of printers into the system with the structure below:

  • The printer group name that was identified in step 1

  • Outlets with items belonging to this group of printers

  • The IP of the physical printers (both primary and secondary) corresponds to each group at each outlet

  • Specifically from the example in step 1:

    • Determine that there are 7 physical printers corresponding to 7 IPs

    • Perform the corresponding IP declaration for the 4 groups of printers listed in step 1 for each outlet

Action on system:

  • Click Add and enter the following information:

    • Code

    • Name

    • Status

    • Click Add IP to add Outlet and corresponding IP information

  • More function buttons in the add printer screen:

    • Collapse/ Expand

    • Delete


  • Groups of printers will be mapped to each product in the menu of the respective outlets.

  • At each outlet, when recording the customer's dish (by performing the send command on the tablet / POS), the item will be printed to the correct printer with the IP declared to that outlet.

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