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[Eng] Rates Management

Screen Name

Rates Management

Log in – Channel Manager – Rates Management


The screen allows you to bulk update the rate for each room type in the channel.


Fields Description

  • Select Property: Select from the Properties list of values

  • Search criteria:

    • Search by Room Type

    • Search by Rate Plan

  • Clear all filters: Clear all selected filters

  • Select the date that you want to view the rate

Bulk Update for Channel

Select Bulk Update to update multiple rates on the distribution channel

  • Choose DC: Select the distribution channel

  • 1 Person: Enter the price for 1 person

  • 2 Person: Enter the price for 2 persons

  • Extra Adult: Enter the price for extra adult

  • Extra Child: Enter the price for extra child

  • Date: Select the date range to apply the price

  • Select the day of the week to apply the price

  • Add Date Range: Add the selected date range

  • Select the Room Type and Rate Plan to apply the price

Select Save to complete the configuration.

Update Open/Stop Sell status on OTA

Edit Rate Plan of a Room Type by DC

  • Click on Select Channel to display the list of channels, you can select one or many channels to update

  • Click on the Quick update icon to update the price for a Room Type

  • You can update the price amount or the applied date. Select Save to apply the changes.

Edit the rate for a specific date

  • Click on the cell of the rate to edit inline the corresponding rate (see the color of the cell changes to blue).

  • After entering the new rate, the cell changes the color to green, you can edit many cells at the same time.

  • Select Save to update the price or Reset to skip the changes.


Shortcut keys

  • Press Ctrl + click on the cell to select many cells

  • Press Shift + click on 2 cell to select the range of cells

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