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[Eng] Room Assignment

Screen Name

Room Assignment

Log in – Front Office – Reservation – Tab “Unassigned”


Search and assign room for the arrival reservations. Allows you to assign room for individual or party/group reservations.



Fields Description

[Filter] – Search criteria

  • Date: Select the arrival date

  • Search reservations by:

    • IT No.: Itinerary Number

    • Conf No.: Confirmation Number

    • Guest: Name of guest

    • Travel Agent: Name of Travel Agent

[Room Assignment] – Room Assignment screen

  • IT No.: Itinerary Number

  • Filter: filter by type of room

    • Connecting Room: Check if you want to select only the connecting rooms

    • Due out: Check if you want to select only the due out rooms (used to assign B2B room)

  • Conf. No.: Confirmation Number

  • Comment: Comment on the reservation

  • Special Request: Special Request of guests

  • You can sort the list of rooms by:

    • Highest Frequency: The most used rooms will be displayed on the top

    • Lowest Frequency: The least used room will be displayed on the top

    • All Room: By default, displays the list of physical rooms ordered by the room number ASC

  • The search results display the list of available rooms with the following information: Room Number + Room Type + Room Status (with the color code) + Assignment Frequency

  • Grant Key Card: After assigning the room, you can proceed to grant the key card for this room. See [Eng] Grant Card

Assign room for party/group reservation

From the Tab Unassigned, select the itinerary that you want to assign room. Select “Assign All” from the Itinerary Detail screen to assign rooms for all reservations in this itinerary.

The system displays the Room Assignment screen for each room. You can proceed with the assignment like above.


After successfully assigned the room, the reservation in the Tab “Unassigned” will be automatically moved to the Tab “Arrival

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