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[Eng] Task Laundry Management

Screen Name

Task Management

Log in – Laundry Management – Task Management


The screen provides an overview of the laundry’s requests of guests, detailed by status of the task. You can create, update, or remove a task from this screen.


Fields Description

[Filter] – Filter criteria

  • Name: Assignee name

  • Room: Room Number

  • Status: Status of the request

  • Date: Created date of the request

[Result] – Search results

List of laundry’s tasks is displayed by status:

  • New: Task is created

  • In Progress: Task is in progress

  • On-Hold: Task is on-hold

  • Done: Task is done

  • Complete: The items are returned to the guest

  • Cancel: Task is canceled




When there is a new laundry request, you will receive the notification from your application.

Click on the bell to see the details of the request.

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