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[Eng] Vehicle

Screen Name


Log in – Application - Transportation – Setting - Vehicle - Vehicle


Manage all the vehicle that property have & detailed information about each vehicle


Fields Description

  • License Plate: Display vehicle number information on the vehicle's certificate

  • Name: Names of vehicles belonging to the property

  • Type: Type of the vehicle

  • Brand: Vehicle manufacturer's name

  • Model: Model of the vehicle

  • Manufacturer date

  • Expired Date

  • Color: Color of the vehicle

  • Action/ Nút chức năng

Edit: Click to edit the detailed information of the vehicle type

Delete: Click to delete the information of the vehicle type

  • [Create] - Create the new vehicle

Click the "Create" button on the right corner:

Fill full the detailed information of the vehicle, the vehicle type list is choose from config “Vehicle Type

→ Click “Submit” to save the information user just created.



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