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[Eng] E-invoice List

Screen Name

E-invoice List

Log in – Ticket Office – E-invoice – E-invoice List


The screen allows you to manage the list of invoices in the system.


Fields Description

[Search and Filter E-invoice list]

  • Search: Enter the E-invoice number, booking code to search

  • Filter: Filter: Click on the icon :lọc: to display the E-invoice list filtering screen

    • E-invoice status: Select the e-invoice status to search

    • Counter/Machine: Search for the e-invoice list by counter/machine

    • Creator: Select to search for the e-invoice list by creator information

    • Created date: Select the period to search for the e-invoice list by created date

    • E-invoice release date: Select the period to search for the e-invoice list by e-invoice release date

  • Select “Clear all” to remove all selected filter

[Function buttons]

(1) Create E-invoice: users can view the detailed steps in the "Create e-invoice" section

(2) View detailed an E-invoice: Click on the icon :xem_chi_tiết:To view the detailed information of an e-invoice

  • To edit an invoice with the Published status, users can select the edit icon :chỉnh_sửa: on the e-invoice detail screen.

  • To use the functions of downloading or canceling an e-invoice on the e-invoice detail screen, users need to select the icon :ba_chấm: then select “Download” or “Cancel E-invoice”

(3) Edit E-invoice: if users need to change information, select the :chỉnh_sửa: icon. Editing information only applies to e-invoices in draft and published status.

→ After making changes to an e-invoice in the published status, the system will generate a new e-invoice with the status "Adjust " and the old invoice will have the status "Adjusted"

(4) Download E-invoice: Click on the icon :tải_xuống: to download e-invoice in PDF format

(5) Cancel E-invoice: Click on the icon :hủy: to cancel an e-invoice with the published status or e-invoice draft status



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