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[ENG] Upcoming

Screen Name


IOS, CHPlay - CiTravel – My Trips – Upcoming


Reservation information “Upcoming” in the CiTravel App


Fields Description

On the "Upcoming" screen, users can quickly search for reservation by entering the itinerary number in the "search" box:

This includes both "Reserved" and "Pending payment" itinerary number to continue completing the customer's reservation

On this screen, customers can view detailed information about a "Room reservation," including:

  1. Itinerary number and QR code

  2. Check-in and check-out dates

  3. Room type and price details

  4. Guest info: information of the person who will use the accommodation services

  5. Special request: In case the guest has any special requests, enter the information in the personal request section

  6. Cancellation policy: To display information about the cancellation policy of a room reservation

  7. Contact hotel owner: communicate necessary information during the stay at the accommodation

  8. Cancel reservation:

Review the reservation details, including hotel name and address, check-in and check-out dates, room type, guest information and cancellation policy. If user agrees to cancel the reservation, select the "Continue" option.

To complete the cancellation process of a room reservation, customers will receive a notification from the system that says "Reservation was cancelled." After that, they can select "Book new reservation" to make a new booking



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